RGT Ukulele Exams Outline

rgt ukuleleThe RGT Ukulele Exams are officially accredited and internationally recognised exams that offer a formal recognition of the specific talents of ukulele players.

The RGT Ukulele Exam Syllabus provides a solid foundation of musical education for any ukulele student and is designed to be accessible across different teaching and playing approaches.

It is acknowledged that some ukulele players focus on the ukulele wholly in terms of its role as a chordal/rhythm-playing instrument, while other ukulele players prefer to also explore the melody playing potential of the instrument.

Consequently, the syllabus structure has been designed so that it can be utilised with equal success by candidates who are developing both melody and rhythm playing skills, as well as by those candidates who are focusing solely on chordal/rhythm playing techniques.

This syllabus caters for Soprano (a.k.a ‘standard’), Concert and Tenor ukulele players that use standard G C E A tuning.


RGT Ukulele Exam Levels

5 exam grades are currently available, ranging from Initial Stage (for beginners) up to Grade 3 (for intermediate level players).

Download an RGT Ukulele Exam Information Booklet to see the requirements of each grade.


RGT Ukulele Performance Awards

Candidates who prefer to focus entirely on the performance of prepared pieces can opt for a Ukulele Performance Award.

These can be performed at an exam centre, or alternatively candidates can submit a video or audio recording of themselves playing the pieces.

See the Ukulele Performance Award page for more information.



What Happens During An RGT Ukulele Exam?

The full content of the exam is provided in the RGT Ukulele Exam Information Booklet, but the following is a brief outline of what you need to play in an RGT ukulele exam:

  • Rhythm Study:  this mainly involves applying a pre-set rhythm pattern to a chord progression.
  • Performance:  this can be either playing a melody or playing another rhythm study.
  • Free choice specialism: you can play a piece of your choice. (Two pieces for Performance Awards.)
  • Prepared Accompaniment: you play an accompaniment to a tune.
  • Musicianship: (For Grade Exams only) the examiner will test your ‘ear for music’ by giving you a short selection of aural assessments, and (from Grade One onwards) will ask you a few questions to test your knowledge of the instrument and the music performed.


RGT Ukulele Exam Handbooks

RGT publishes a handbook with CD for each grade that provides all the information required for the exam.

There is no requirement to read traditionally notated music as all music is written in easy-to-read TAB, as well as traditional notation.

CD tracks are provided so you can ‘listen and learn’.

The handbooks provide a structured method of studying the ukulele.

Click to visit the RGT Ukulele Exam Book Page.


Ukulele Exam Accreditation

RGT ukulele exams are organised in partnership with London College of Music Exams (one of the world’s most respected music examination boards, established since 1887) and certificated by University Of West London, resulting in a recognised standard by which the skills and abilities of ukulele players can be assessed.

From Grade One onwards, RGT graded exams are regulated by Ofqual and have been placed on the Qualifications and Credit Framework.


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