New Acoustic Guitar Concert Performance Diplomas – Part 3

In part 3 of the three-part series RGT Chief Examiner Merv Young provides an overview of these new diploma exams for Acoustic Guitar…

Programme Notes

Two copies of the programme notes need to be brought along to the exam room and these should provide a summary of the music you performed. Don’t worry about trying to make these overly academic in
content and presentation. They should be clearly and intelligently laid out however and the information should include the following:

Titles and composers of the pieces and background information. This could include some biographical information as well as some details of other pieces by the same composers or artists.
For pieces that have been originally performed by another artist, you should identify any aspects where your rendition differs significantly from the original version.
The reasons for selecting the pieces that were performed and how the pieces influenced the flow of the programme as a whole.
An analysis of the technical and musical challenges of the pieces and how these challenges were overcome whilst preparing.
Information on any alternative tunings and/or effects that were adopted.

Further Information

An Exam Information Booklet and syllabus are available providing full details on the requirements and format for each of these concert diplomas.Acoustic Guitar Concert Diplomas Exam Information Booklet


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