The Working Guitar Player’s Toolkit – Neil Morgan’s Essential Tips

Getting the Gig… And Keeping it! Like many guitar teachers, my income is largely supplemented by performance. While 2020 was very much a write-off in that area, and 2021 isn’t looking especially promising at the moment, I’m confident that live Continue reading

How Has Technology Impacted Private Music Tutors?

Charlie Tottman outlines the impact that technology has had on the life of private music tutors and asks what the future might hold for the profession. Few could have predicted the pace at which technology has progressed in even the Continue reading

Teaching Guitar in Schools – A Guide for Working Tutors

Charlie Tottman outlines how you can benefit from providing guitar lessons in schools and summarises a few of the main points to consider. Working within schools as a peripatetic tutor can have several benefits. Perhaps most appealing, is that you’re Continue reading

Why Bother Studying For RGT Popular Music Theory Exams?

Suzy Cramer explains how music theory has helped to broaden her musical horizons and points out that by applying a little bit of theoretical knowledge, we can all become better musicians.  Like a lot of people I attempted to play various instruments at school, I made Continue reading

UCAS Points For RGT Exams

Lizzie Moore, Qualifications Officer for LCM explains how students are awarded UCAS points for attaining advanced level RGT/LCM qualifications. UCAS tariff points are awarded to students attaining LCM Advanced Level music qualifications (grades 6, 7 and 8) in both practical and Continue reading

Tuition Fees – “How much should I be charging for lessons?”

  This article has been independently supplied by the author and expresses the author’s own views and opinions; the article does not purport to represent RGT’s views or policies.   Guitar Tuition Fees by Chaz Hart Tuition Fees Chaz Hart answers the perennial Continue reading