RGT Guitar Tutor Vincent Hearn Interview

RGT Guitar Tutor Vincent HearnIn this edition of the RGT Guitar Tutor Interview Series, we are sitting down with Petersfield guitarist and guitar tutor Vincent Hearn.

Teaching in a wide variety of settings, including school classes, private in-person tuition and online through Skype video lessons, Vincent is an in-demand guitar tutor and performer who teaches in a variety of styles and to students of all backgrounds and skill levels.

We recently caught up with Vincent to discuss RGT Exam Preparation, teaching online through Skype and the importance of having an online presence for today’s guitar tutors.

To find out more about Vincent’s teaching and performing careers, please visit the guitar tutor Vincent Hearn homepage.


RGT: How did you become aware of RGT, and why do you chose to encourage your students to take RGT guitar exams?

Vincent Hearn: I first became aware of RGT through my teacher as a teenager.

As I progressed and went on to study guitar full time, I considered a career as a guitar tutor as well as a performing musician, and so I joined RGT as a registered guitar tutor.

I encourage my students to take RGT exams as I feel they are the most comprehensive syllabi, and they test a wide range of the student’s abilities.

RGT: What do you find is the biggest challenge when preparing a student for an upcoming RGT exam?

Vincent Hearn: Preparing students for exams works out fine as long as the student is being prepared for the appropriate exam level.

The biggest challenge is keeping a student enthusiastic with the material, especially if they are a young student and they’re dying to play their favorite songs rather than develop their technique.

I feel that doing a mixture of exam preparation, along with their song requests and jamming sessions, keeps them motivated.

Also, I usually find a way of demonstrating a new technique or theoretical concept through repertoire when they want to learn one of their favorite tunes.

RGT: Most students, if not all, deal with nervousness on some level either before or during their exams. How do you address this issue with your students in their lessons?

Vincent Hearn: Learning and performing music is the biggest confidence builder for students when preparing for exams.

To combat exam nerves, I feel that it’s best to have students regularly performing pieces in lessons, to either myself of their parents, and also get them involved performing in bands, community events and with other guitar students.

Networking outside of lessons with events in the community also allows me to make students aware of local musical events, master classes or performances that might be of interest to them.

RGT: As someone that holds a Music Diploma, do you see yourself continuing your own study and exam taking, or are you focusing more on the teaching side of things these days?

Vincent Hearn: Teaching is an important part of my business, but I feel to stay current and innovate, I will always be learning and studying on my own as well.

I conduct a lot of independent study to benefit my business and my students, and also pursue part-time courses to improve my own ability as a musician and teacher.

RGT: You are active on social media and have built several websites to promote your guitar tuition. How do you find your online presence has helped your in-person teaching business over the years?

Vincent Hearn: Social media and an online presence has been essential I have to say.

Most of my students find me online these days, and it provides a platform where students can get answers to common questions and learn more about me and what services I offer.

Considering how many people use the internet on a daily basis its of vital importance to have a presence that spans the internet.

So I have Facebook, Twitter, website, and of course, an RGT membership.

RGT: You teach through Skype as well as in person. Can you talk about how you became involved in online video lessons and how that has been working for you so far as you explore that side of the industry.

Vincent Hearn: Skype guitar tuition is great, as it increases your potential client base as a tutor beyond the local region and out onto the global marketplace.

At the start it required research and investment in equipment to be able to deliver tuition in the virtual classroom.

But, overall it has been working very well, and the public is starting to adopt it more and more these days, especially as for many individuals time is short and travel is expensive.

RGT: If you had one piece of advice for other guitar teachers that are preparing students for RGT exams, what would it be?

Vincent Hearn: Make teaching and lessons fun wherever you can.

Sometimes students are immediately put off by the word exam, so design your lessons in order to teach them the content, but stay clear of any words that might be off putting or have a negative association, especially to young children.


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