RGT Guitar Tutor Dan Sandman Interview

In this edition of the RGT Guitar Tutor Interview Series, we are sitting down with London guitarist and guitar tutor Dan Sandman.

Teaching acoustic, electric and rock guitar lessons to students of all ages and levels of experience, Dan has become an in-demand guitar tutor in the London area, as well as built up a following online through his social media and YouTube presence.

We recently caught up with Dan to talk about RGT Exam Preparation, how social media has helped build his guitar studio and more.

To find out more about Dan’s teaching and playing career, please visit the guitar tutor Dan Sandman Homepage, Dan’s Facebook Page, Dan’s Twitter Feed and Dan’s YouTube Channel.


Guitar Tutor Dan Sandman

RGT: How did you become aware of RGT, and why do you chose to encourage your students to take RGT guitar exams?

Dan Sandman: I became aware of RGT when I was a teenager, back in the ‘90s, when they first started advertising in Total Guitar Magazine.

When I joined the organisation at the start of my career, RGT were unique because they were offering grades in electric guitar and bass guitar.

Since becoming a registered RGT guitar tutor, the support offered at RGT conferences has helped me to develop my private guitar teaching practice.

As well, the current variety of syllabi offered by RGT guitar exams has given my students unrivaled choice.

RGT: What do you find is the biggest challenge when preparing a student for an upcoming RGT exam?

Dan Sandman: Students often memorise knowledge in order to pass grade examinations, but sometimes have a tendency to forget a previously learned chord or scale when moving up a grade.

To counter this challenge, I aim to make lessons as fun as possible, staying away from the grade book until necessary.

I find that hard-earned information is more likely to stick when guitar students are learning for enjoyment.

RGT: Most students, if not all, deal with nervousness on some level either before or during their exams. How do you address this issue with your students in their lessons?

Dan Sandman: I encourage my students to see RGT examinations as enjoyable experiences.

I’ll say something like, “I know you know what you need to know, we’ve been through it in lessons, and even had a mock exam, now go out their and shine!”

Exams are a great opportunity for my students to show another guitar teacher how far they’ve progressed on the guitar.

RGT: You are attending this year’s RGT Guitar Tutor Conference in London. Why do you like going to the conference, and what do you hope to get out of this year’s event as a guitar tutor?

Dan Sandman: Since I begun teaching guitar in 2006, I’ve been going to the annual RGT Guitar Tutor Conferences.

During these well organised events, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the top educators in my field.

It is hard not to be inspired by the amount of guitar knowledge and enthusiasm at these yearly gatherings.

From the time you enter the building, to The Rose And Crown afterward for a pint, it’s always a pleasure to make be at the conference.

RGT: You are active on social media and have built a website to promote your guitar tuition. How do you find your online presence has helped your in-person teaching business over the years?

Dan Sandman: Having an on line presence on Twitter has kept me in touch with the guitar teaching community both locally and worldwide.

People liking my Facebook page has helped me to promote my guitar teaching business in an interactive way.

Every online comment could potentially lead prospective guitar students to my website.

It’s definitely worth putting some time into creating interesting posts for guitar lovers to digest on each of my social networking platforms.

RGT: You have recently taught a few very interesting YouTube guitar lessons on RGT exam pieces. Tell us how you started posting video lessons on YouTube and what results you’ve seen so far with your channel as far as building your online presence and follower base.

Dan Sandman: The videos are all part of my goal to create interesting content.

It’s early days for the video lessons specifically, but I’m glad they’ve received the RGT seal of approval.

I have always believed in the DIY approach to making music, and have been good at picking up things as I’ve gone along.

It’s nice when someone likes a video, and it’s especially nice when someone takes the time to leave a comment or visit my website.


YouTube Preview Image


RGT: If you had one piece of advice for other guitar teachers that are preparing students for RGT exams, what would it be?

Dan Sandman: Go and support your students on the day of their exams. Don’t ask to be paid, go because you care about your students, go because you care about building relationships with those who are affected by your work, including student’s relatives.

Your presence could make the difference between merit and distinction, between success and failure.

Would any worthwhile football coach not be there when his team went out to play?

Think about it, your motivational skills and enthusiasm could create the perfect pep talk; your communication skills and knowledge could fix a broken string, yes this has happened to me, long story [laughs].

Go and support your students, do the right thing, you’ll be rewarded.


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