RGT Preliminary Grade Electric Guitar Backing Tracks

Teaching and practicing improvisation can be a fun part of any lesson, and any time spent preparing for RGT Guitar Exams at any level. While it is easy to jam with students in guitar lessons, sometimes finding material for them to work with between lessons can be tough.

To help with the process of learning to solo between guitar lessons, RGT Guitar Tutor Pete Farrugia has recently begun publishing a series of backing tracks on his YouTube channel to help students and teachers prepare for various RGT exams, including the RGT Preliminary Grade Electric Guitar Exam tracks which you can see and hear below.

preliminary grade electric guitar examAs working with backing tracks is a great way to practice improvisation between lessons, helping students prepare for their RGT Exams in the process, we have collected all four of Pete’s backing tracks and linked them below so that you too can use these tracks in your teaching and studying at home.

Visit the RGT Preliminary Electric Guitar Exam Page to learn more about the requirements needed for this exam as well as how to enter and where to purchase the accompanying RGT Preliminary Exam Book.

To learn more about Pete and his guitar teaching and playing, please visit the Pete Farrugia Homepage and the Pete Farrugia Facebook Page.


RGT Preliminary Grade C Major Scale Backing

YouTube Preview Image


RGT Preliminary Grade G Pentatonic Major Backing

YouTube Preview Image


RGT Preliminary Grade A Minor Scale Backing

YouTube Preview Image


RGT Preliminary Grade E Blues Backing

YouTube Preview Image


You can also visit these links to find more of Pete’s RGT Backing Tracks.

RGT Electric Guitar Backing Tracks

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