RGT Membership Benefits

Gerard Ward explains how you can get the most out of your RGT membership.


RGT Website Profile

You can now state if you teach ukulele, as well as other instruments from the guitar family.

Earlier this year we expanded the RGT website space available to each RGT teacher, so that now you can include a lot of detailed information about yourself and your teaching practice.

To increase the chances of students selecting you from the RGT website to contact about having lessons, it’s important that you include detailed information about yourself on your teacher profile pages on the RGT website.

So if you have not yet completed your online tutor profile, in your own interests, please do take the time to do so – as otherwise it’s probable that potential students will instead select other tutors who have supplied more detailed information about themselves.

You can add any, or all, of the following on your individual profile page:


  • Photograph
  • Biography
  • Details of all the musical styles taught
  • Lesson fees


A recent new addition is that on the ‘Teaching Spec.’ page, where you can list the styles you teach and what levels you teach them to, we have added a facility for you to state if you also teach ukulele and to what level.

And, you can also do the same for mandolin, banjo, lute, dobro and lap steel, if you happen to teach any of those instruments.

To add this information, all you need to do is go to the Members’ Area of the RGT website and access your teacher profile pages. Your online teacher profile pages provide you with the equivalent of your own micro-website on the much visited RGT website www.RGT.org.

It would be a shame not to take full advantage of this important membership benefit.


DBS Confirmation

Reassure parents of potential students by obtaining an up-to-date DBS certificate.

There’s more on this topic on the following page, so suffice to say here that you can obtain an up-to-date DBS criminal records check at very low cost via RGT, and once you have a DBS certificate you can forward a copy to RGT who can place a DBS verification on your tutor listing on the RGT website.

This is bound to prove a big reassurance for any parents looking for a teacher for their child, and so should aid the flow of student enquiries you receive.


Teaching Materials

Save writing out chord and scale diagrams by hand with free RGT teacher resources.

A wide range of free downloadable teaching materials are available from the Members’ Area of the RGT website.

These range from various formats of blank notation, tab and fretbox sheets, to pre-printed versions of all the most popular scale and chord diagrams.

As an RGT member you can print these off freely for use in your lessons whenever you need them.


Get Insured

A range of insurance cover at discounted rates is available to RGT members.

As an RGT tutor you can obtain public liability insurance for when teaching at 50% discount.

Plus musical instrument insurance from specialist musical instrument insurers at 10% discount.

Health and medical insurance is also available at special corporate rates.

Contact the RGT office for the relevant contact details for any of these.


Obtain Discounts

Obtain discounts on exam books and diploma entries.

RGT tutors receive discounts on RGT books and a wide range of other guitar education products (applicable in the UK, Eire and certain other countries only).

Just enter your BFG discount code when you order online.

This was notified to you when you first joined RGT; contact the RGT office if you need a reminder of it.

In addition, if you are entering for any RGT Teaching Diplomas make sure to quote your RGT tutor code on the entry form as this entitles you to substantial discounts.


Exclusive Products

Look professional when teaching by wearing an exclusive RGT shirt, polo-shirt or T-shirt – only available to RGT members.

RGT plectrums, in a range of thicknesses are also available, at great prices – so you can sell these on to your students if you wish.

Last, but not least, as an RGT member you can obtain exclusive RGT-branded tuition postcards to advertise your guitar lessons in local shops and musicstores.

Contact the RGT office for more information on any of these products.

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