RGT Grade 6 Backing Tracks – Electric Guitar

Studying lead guitar concepts can be an enjoyable part of any private guitar lesson, for beginners, intermediate and advanced students alike.

Improvisation is also an important aspect of preparing for RGT Electric Guitar Exams at any level, including Grade 6, which is the focus of this article. .

Jamming along with guitar students in person during private lessons is fairly easy to do as you are both in the same room. But, it can sometimes be tough to find the right material for students to practise at home, in-between one-on-one guitar lessons.

To help address the issue of studying soloing between guitar lessons, RGT Guitar Tutor Pete Farrugia has recently published a series of backing tracks on his YouTube channel to help students and teachers prepare for various RGT exams.

These tracks feature scale shapes on the screen in order to aid in learning when soloing along to each video, helping you understand and learn about the various soloing concepts being used in each track.

Since learning with backing tracks is a positive way to practice guitar soloing between lessons, helping students prepare for their RGT Exams in the process, we have collected all four of Pete’s backing tracks and linked them below so that you too can use these tracks in your teaching and studying at home.

Please visit the RGT Grade 6 Electric Guitar Exam Page to learn more about the requirements for this RGT Guitar Exam, how to enter for the three annual exam sessions, and where to purchase the RGT Grade 6 Exam Book.

To find out more about Pete and his work as an educator and performer, please visit the Pete Farrugia Homepage and the Pete Farrugia Facebook Page.


Grade 6 Backing Tracks – Bb Minor

YouTube Preview Image


Grade 6 Backing Tracks – Eb Major

YouTube Preview Image


Grade 6 Backing Tracks – B Dorian

YouTube Preview Image


Grade 6 Backing Tracks – D Mixolydian

YouTube Preview Image


You can also visit these links to find more of Pete’s RGT Backing Tracks for Electric Guitar.

RGT Electric Guitar Backing Tracks

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