RGT Grade 2 Solo Video Lesson

In this video lesson, you will study an RGT Grade 2 solo that demonstrates techniques, sample scale, and melodic content at the Grade 2 lead playing level.

Start by watching the video below, and then you can refer to the scale grid and solo tab if needed.

Also, the goal is to be able to solo yourself, and so studying the solo should be a means to an end, as you digest the material presented and use it to create your own solos over A minor scales, and other scales, in your playing.


A Natural Minor Scale Fingering

To help you learn the solo in the video and tab below, here is the scale fingering being used to build the phrases in the solo.

Try practicing this scale with a metronome to increase your technique and build your technical prowess on the guitar.

As well, once you have learned this scale, and the solo below, you can use this scale fingering to create your own A minor solo lines and phrases as you take this pattern to an improvisational standpoint in your practicing.

The numbers on the scale below are the intervals. As the video explains the notes being used in this scale, the grid uses intervals to help you see both the notes and intervals that you are playing when running this scale in your studies.


RGT grade 2 solo scale


RGT Grade 2 Demo Solo

Now that you have learned the A minor scale, here is the full solo from the video below.

If you are having trouble learning the solo all at once, you can refer to the video below where each 2-bar phrase is broken down, demonstrated, and tips are given for playing each phrase in the solo.

Aim to play the solo along with the performance at the end of the video, before moving on to being able to play it by yourself from there.

When ready, put on a backing track and make up your own solo using the A minor scale as your melodic content.


RGT Grade 2 Solo Lick 1


RGT Grade 2 Demo Solo Video




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