RGT Electric Guitar Performance Diploma Exam Tuition Video

RGT Electric Guitar Performance DiplomaThe second in a series of videos aimed at developing your teaching and playing skills will be broadcast for free via the RGT website followed by a “web-chat” with the presenter, RGT Chief Examiner Merv Young.

This video broadcast will focus on the lead improvisation section of the DipLCM RGT Electric Guitar Performance Diploma and is ideal either for those intending to take this exam, or for those teaching students for this diploma, or as a resource for developing lead playing techniques.

The official broadcast time for this video is 9pm (20:00 GMT) on Monday 15th
July and again at 10am (09:00 GMT) on Tuesday 16th July.

However please note that this video will be available to view at any time after 9pm on the 15th July. The chatroom will be open for one hour from 9.15pm to 10.15pm on the 15th July and from 10.15am to 11.15am on the 16th July.

You can also view other archived videos in this web series at the same link.

The video will be available at: www.rgt.org/videos.

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