Merv’s RGT Exam Quick Tips June 2013

merv-webWelcome to the June, 2013 edition of “Merv’s RGT Exam Quick Tips.” Below you will find words of wisdom from Chief RGT Examiner Merv Young, posted on the RGT Facebook Page each Tuesday in June of 2013.

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Merv’s RGT Exam Quick Tips

1. Make sure you are entering your students for the appropriate grade for their level of ability and experience. It’s much better for a student to achieve a distinction at Grade 1 than to barely pass Grade 3 or, worse, not to pass Grade 3.

2. Don’t forget to prepare students for the “smaller” sections of the exam as well. Try to incorporate the aural and musical knowledge sections as an integral part of each lesson – together these two can be worth up to at least 20% of the total exam mark!

3. For the reading components in an exam (as opposed to the prepared performances) remember to emphasise and reinforce the importance of keeping going rather than stopping and going back to correct any errors.

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