Meet the Guitar Club Leicester

By: Becky Stickland

Several years ago I received a flurry of requests from young people wanting to learn guitar.

They were all beginners and of a similar age and so, to get everyone started, we set up a weekly group lesson intended only to last a term.

Nearly three years later Guitar Club Leicester is a firmly established event in the lives of three adult tutors and ten young people.

We meet every Monday evening at 6pm in a local community venue. The first ten minutes are spent setting up, tuning and imparting essential snippets of both newsworthy and non-newsworthy items.

At 6.10pm we all play through a carefully selected song as a group; we divide up for twenty minutes working in small groups (or alone when required (in order to focus on specific individual goals.

We then regroup in the final quarter of an hour to share in each other’s progress and publicise our practice aims for the week ahead.

We end with a second burst of the group song with consistent dramatic and entertaining Rock ’n’ Roll finishes usually met with enthusiastic applause from parents gathered at the door.

It’s a really amazing weekly event and can vouch that all three of us leaders love every minute.

The young people are fantastic and range in age from 6 – 17 years; abilities range from absolute beginner to Grade 5.

We have a thorough approach to planning and reflection and place a big emphasis on performance and peer-to-peer learning.

We encourage everyone to work towards an exam each year and currently we’re all breaking the back of the RGT syllabi.

As we’ve become more established, we’ve developed systems and routines and even set up our own YouTube channel.

The year ahead will involve exams, busking, concerts and hopefully continuing to grow to enthuse and inspire future generations of guitarists!

guitar club leicester


This article has been independently supplied by the author and expresses the author’s own views and opinions; the article does not purport to represent RGT’s views or policies.

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  1. My son Jay has been attending these weekly sessions for almost a year now and truely loves it – the enthusiasm is very present and stedfast – due very much to the fabulous tutors Becky, Becky and Jake. Also the concerts the club organises galvanises the students, tutors and parents. Well done Guitar Club Leicester xxxx

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