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Welcome to the RGT@LCM logo resource page.

We encourage links to the official RGT@LCM website. You will find all the logos, hyperlinks and information you need here.

Tutors listed in the RGT@LCM tutor directory can have links to their personal or commercial website (subject to approval). However, a prominent link back to the official RGT@LCM website is required in order to take advantage of this free service.

Further help and advice can be obtained from the RGT@LCM webmaster via the Contact Form.

Allowed Use

‘RGT@LCM’ is an internationally-protected Registered Trademark, however guitar teachers granted 'full membership' of RGT@LCM are authorised to use one of the members' versions of the RGT@LCM logo below (that includes the words 'An RGT@LCM registered tutor') in their guitar teaching publicity; the standard RGT@LCM logo should not be used by teachers (other than on a website where the logo promotes RGT@LCM and is used as a direct hyperlink to the RGT@LCM website) and is reserved for use only by RGT@LCM itself. Members may not purport to represent, speak on behalf of or otherwise act as a representative of RGT@LCM without the express prior written permission of a senior member of RGT@LCM staff.


Please Note

As you may have noticed, the main RGT@LCM logo has recently changed following the acquisition by LCM.

These should now be used on your websites or publicity material in place of the old ones.


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Further help and advice can be obtained from the RGT@LCM webmaster at Take Note Publishing Ltd.

General Enquiries: 020 8231 2751 - rgt.lcm@uwl.ac.uk
Membership Enquiries: 020 8231 2055 - membership@rgt.org

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