RGT Country Mood Lesson 2 Acoustic Grade 5 Exam

In the first lesson in this series, we looked at the introduction section of ‘Country Mood’ – one of the RGT’s Grade Five Acoustic Guitar Exam unaccompanied pieces.

With, this lesson we’ll cover the first ten bars of the main piece, which forms the core theme of the piece.

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‘Country Mood’ an arrangement of a typical traditional country, bluegrass-influenced  piece.

It’s chordal based and designed to be played using a pick. It features simple open G, C and D major chords – but with their sound made more interesting by playing the bass notes and the treble strings of each chord separately.

Some short bass lead-in notes link the changes from one chord to another.

It’s essential that you play the bass notes strongly as they provide a melodic line of their own.

Practise slowly at first while you’re learning the piece, but once you’ve got your fingers around it feel free to play it as fast as you like – in turn bluegrass style

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RGT Country Mood Lesson 2 – 1st 10 Bars

Here is the tab and notation for the demonstrated example in the video below.

Country Mood Lesson 2 Example


RGT Country Mood Lesson 2 – Video

Video presented by Chris Bird, Music Editor of Total Guitar Magazine

YouTube Preview Image


RGT Acoustic Guitar Grade 5 Books

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