2013 RGT Conference Preview Teaching Guitar in the Internet Age

As part of the 2013 RGT Conference, taking place on September 8th in London, Dr. Matthew Warnock will be giving a seminar titled “Teaching Guitar In the Internet Age.”

Dr. Warnock, who is a Lecturer in Popular Music Studies at the University of Chester, runs a successful online teaching website, teaches private and group video lessons through Skype all over the world each week, and has released 3 ebooks, with 2 more due for release in Summer 2013, as well as 3 guitar teaching apps for iOS and Android platforms.

In this seminar, Dr. Warnock will be discussing his road to moving from in-person to online guitar instruction, the roadblocks he’s faced, and how he has overcome these challenges to build a successful online guitar teaching studio taught fully in the online realm.

You can find out more about Dr. Warnock, his online teaching output and his background by visiting his website, www.mattwarnockguitar.com.

As well, an in-depth outline of the material in this seminar can be found at “The Virtual Studio: Teaching Guitar in the 21st Century.

Matt Warnock RGT

Matt Warnock Teaching in Brazil Photo: Andre Foss


Teaching Guitar in the Internet Age Outline

Starting, or building, a guitar teaching studio in the 21st century can be tough. But, with the advent of social networking, affordable web hosting, Smartphone and Tablet platforms and high-speed internet, guitar education is moving into the online and virtual realm as musicians teach Skype lessons, launch teaching websites, and create interactive educational apps.

By exploring distance-learning concepts for guitar education, one can open up their studio to a global market, while allowing one to focus on a particular genre or style of musical education at the same time.

This workshop will explore the technological and pedagogical items that are required to run an online guitar studio in the internet age.




Registration is now open for the 2013 RGT Guitar Tutors Conference, which will take place in London on September 8th. Registration is by advanced booking only, so make sure to visit the Registration Page and sign up today!

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