RGT Look Out Lesson Preliminary Rock

urlIn this installment of our video lesson series, we’re exploring an excerpt from the RGT Rock Preliminary Grade Exam Track – ‘Look Out!’

When taking the RGT Rock Preliminary Grade Guitar Exam, you need to perform two rock tracks from the RGT Preliminary Stage handbook, one of these tracks being ‘Look Out!’

‘Look Out!’ is based entirely on the open position E blues scale.

The opening section includes some simple power chords – E5, D5 and A5 – all of which can be fretted using just the first finger.

Make sure to observe the silences (marked by ‘rest’ signs in the notation) within and between phrases, as they form an integral part of the rhythmic feel of the piece.

The lead licks, from bar 5 onwards, are all on the top three strings, and use the open strings quite a lot.

A bit of distortion will help you capture the rock style of this piece.

If you’re unsure of any of the rhythms, check out the audio and video below to help guide you with how the piece should be played.

You can also click here to purchase the RGT Preliminary Grade Rock Exam book, which contains the full music to this piece, as well as all of the other musical requirements for this exam.

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RGT Look Out Practice Tips

To help get you started with learning this song, here is a bit of advice on how to navigate ‘Look Out!’

“The piece begins with three downstrums on an E5 powerchord, then rest your strum hand against the strings to silence them before playing the G bass note twice. This bar is repeated three times, before you play three downstrums on both D5 and, after a very short rest, A5. The lead licks that follow are based on the descending E blues scale.”


RGT Look Out Lesson – Audio

As well as viewing the video lesson below, here are two audio tracks that you can jam along to as you work with ‘Look Out!’ further in the practice room and teaching studio.

It would be a good idea to practice with the audio track for ‘Look Out!’ first, so that you learn to play along in time with the recorded guitar track.

Once you can play along to the recorded guitar track, a beneficial practice goal would be to play along with the backing track for ‘Look Out!’ only, in order to play the song without the help of the guide guitar track.

Here are both of those audio tracks for ‘Look Out!’ to check out.

Click to download the full backing track for ‘Look Out!

Click to download the backing track for ‘Look Out!


RGT Look Out Lesson – Video

Video presented by Chris Bird, Music Editor of Total Guitar Magazine

YouTube Preview Image


RGT Rock Guitar Preliminary Books

To find out more about the ‘Look Out!,’ and the RGT Rock Preliminary Exam, please download the RGT Rock Guitar Exam Information Booklet.

You can also check out the Rock Guitar Preliminary Exam Book, which comes with a CD and contains notation and recordings of all the exam pieces, as well as diagrams for all of the chords and scales that the pieces are based on.


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