2014 RGT Conference Lineup Announced

As the 2014 RGT Conference fast approaches, the lineup for this year’s event has recently been announced.

With a focus on Acoustic Guitar and the new Ukulele Exams, this year’s conference is sure to be one to remember.

For more information, and to register for the 2014 RGT Conference, please visit the RGT Conference Homepage.

2014 RGT Conference

Tony Skinner at the 2013 RGT Conference


RGT Ukulele Exams Official Launch  – Tony Skinner & Pete Farrugia

Of all the guitar-family instruments, the ukulele is growing the fastest in popularity and is now one of the most commonly taught instruments.

Be amongst the first teachers to find out about these new fully-accredited ukulele exams, with demonstrations direct from the syllabus developers.


Contemporary Uke Playing Techniques  – Ben Rouse

Ben is a stunning and exciting modern ukulele player and in this workshop demonstrates the cutting-edge techniques used in contemporary uke playing.


Percussive Acoustic Guitar  – Chris Woods

Chris Woods is a phenomenal acoustic guitarist who performed at Glastonbury this year and is author of Hal Leonard’s ‘Percussive Acoustic Guitar’ book/DVD.

In this seminar Chris will explain and demonstrate a variety of impressive percussive guitar techniques, such as string slapping, body percussion, tapping and harmonics.


60th Anniversary of the Stratocaster – Damon Chivers

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Stratocaster this year, Damon Chivers will give a presentation on the history, the evolution, the sounds and the artists associated with this iconic instrument.


Exam Preparation By Stealth – Merv Young

RGT Chief Examiner, Merv Young provides ideas on how to incorporate material from the various RGT graded exam syllabuses into regular lessons to ensure structured learning for pupils who are preparing for an exam, as well as for those who are unsure about taking one.


Working With Challenging Students  – Al Summers & Ray Bradfield

Proven strategies for teaching guitar to children with behavioural problems, exceptionally slow learners, and adults with mental health issues or learning difficulties.


Arranging Songs For Acoustic Guitar  – Max Milligan

Accomplished acoustic guitar player Max Milligan demonstrates and explains how to make really effective and great sounding arrangements of popular songs for acoustic guitar.


Uke Strumming Techniques – Phil Doleman

Phil has been at the forefront of the ukulele revival for the last 10 years and is one of the most respected players and teachers in the UK ukulele world.

In this seminar, he’ll explain and demonstrate the range of strumming techniques, from a basic level upwards, that are commonly used on the ukulele.


Using Current Skills To Develop Sight Reading – Al Summers & Ray Bradfield

An alternative approach to sightreading, this seminar is designed for advanced rock & blues players who lack music notation reading skills.


Lap Steel and Dobro  – Chris Eaton

Much in demand as a session player, Chris is regarded as one the UK premier slide guitar players. In this seminar, Chris demonstrates the wonderful range of sounds that can be achieved on lap steel and dobro guitars.


Improve Your Teaching  – Merv Young

RGT Chief Examiner, Merv Young explains how taking an RGT teaching or performance diploma will improve your teaching skills and help you to attract more students.


Playing Jazz On The Uke  – Phil Doleman

A consummate “player’s player,” Phil regularly performs at all the top ukulele festivals, and here he’ll focus on jazz and chord-melody playing.


Villa-Lobos Guitar Pieces  – Raymond Burley.

Internationally-renowned classical guitarist Raymond Burley talks about interpreting and performing the guitar pieces of Villa-Lobos, with the emphasis on those pieces in the LCM/RGT grades and diploma syllabuses.


Lunchtime concert: ‘Ben Rouse Hardcore Ukulele’.

You won’t hear any of the traditional ukulele standards here! Ben plays a mix of music from rock/pop to solo baroque arrangements and finger-blistering “rip-em-up” solos.

All seminars may be subject to change.

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