2014 RGT Conference Added Seminars

The 2014 RGT Guitar Teachers Conference, which will be held on Sunday 21st of September at the University of West London, is fast approaching so make sure to book your place soon.

There will be an extensive programme of seminars by top guitar educators, all designed to interest and inform both new and experienced guitar teachers.

The conference will also feature the launch of RGT’s new ukulele exams.

As well as the 14 seminars already announced, 3 more seminars have just been added to the programme:


 Acoustic Blues Guitar – Danny Kyle

Voted 2nd best guitarist in the UK by Blues Matters magazine, Danny will demonstrate a range of acoustic blues guitar styles, particularly Mississippi Delta Blues and the music of Robert Johnson.


Finding the musical source – Vic Hyland

Vic will be going back into pre-history and looking at indigenous music to discover the basics of music and why it is so powerful, including looking at Shamanic music and roots styles and how you can discover musical language.  This will go a long way to answering the question of ‘natural musical ability that we see in children’.


NLP and music – Vic Hyland

Vic explains how to use language patterns to enhance music performance and help with things such as exam nerves in pupils.


Click to find more information about and register for the 2014 RGT Conference and reserve your spot at the conference soon!

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