2013 RGT Guitar Tutors Conference

Billed as ‘The event of the year for guitar teachers’, the 2013 Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) Annual Guitar Tutors Conference, sponsored by Fender, will be held on Sunday September 8th at the University of West London.

RGT Director Tony Skinner says: “The RGT conference offers guitar teachers a valuable opportunity to gain professional development training with specialists in the field, as well as a unique chance to meet with hundreds of other guitar teachers.”

There will be numerous trade stands at the event, and Fender, who are sponsoring the conference, will have a wide range of Custom-shop and other models, as well as amps, available to try out during the day.

The conference is suitable for both experienced guitar teachers and those interested in starting to teach. Attendance is by advanced booking only.

For more information, or to book your place at this year’s conference, please visit the 2013 RGT Guitar Tutors Conference Homepage.

2013 RGT Guitar Tutors Conference

2012 RGT Conference Session


2013 RGT Guitar Tutors Conference Seminars


Teaching Guitar in the Internet Age  –  Dr. Matt Warnock

With the advent of social networking, affordable web hosting, Smartphone and Tablet platforms and high-speed internet, guitar education is moving into the online realm. Matt explains distance-learning concepts and how you can expand your teaching globally.

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English Folk Tunes for Guitar  –  Hugh Burns

Legendary session guitarist Hugh Burns has played on many hit records from George Michael, Gerry Rafferty, The Pet Shop Boys, Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson, as well as on a huge number of blockbuster film scores from the Return of the Pink Panther to James Bond movies. In this seminar, Hugh will demonstrate the styles and techniques of English folk guitar with excerpts from his new book ‘English Folk Tunes For Guitar’.


Breakneck Breakdown  –  Lee Hodgson

A fiery demonstration of a range of country guitar lead licks and patterns with insight into Lee’s method of efficient technical learning. Lee has appeared at Wembley Arena and the Royal Albert Hall and written regularly for Guitarist and Guitar Techniques magazines.

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Nailcare for Guitarists  –  Midge Killen

As manicurist to celebrities such as Cher and Barbara Streisand, Vogue named Midge “Nail Surgeon to the Stars”. After repairing Paul Simon’s nails, Midge developed a specialism in nailcare for guitarists, and has a client list of many famous guitar players. In this seminar, Midge will talk about nailcare and demonstrate how to file and shape nails to improve tone.


Transferable Skills  –  Al Summers and Ray Bradfield

Identifying your transferrable skills may help you learn and/or teach outside your usual instrumental range. Knowing your students’ transferrable skills – even those from outside of music – will help you teach them more efficiently.

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Teaching Diplomas – Merv Young 

Useful advice and insights into how best to prepare for RGT’s professional guitar teaching qualifications.


Fender Guitars and Amps  –  Damon Chivers

Damon will demonstrate Fender guitars from student ranges up to Custom Shop models, as well as Fender amps. There’ll be tips on how to create that perfect tone, as well as advice on how to select the best gear for the sound you want.


Advanced Grades Electric Guitar Exams – Max Milligan

RGT Examiner, Max Milligan, will help ensure you know exactly what’s expected for the main rhythm and lead sections of RGT’s Grade 6 to 8 electric guitar exams.


Developing and Promoting your Guitar Teaching Website  –  Alan Brown

RGT I.T. Director Alan Brown explains how to develop a website to promote your guitar teaching and gives lots of practical advice on how best to market and publicise your website.


Acoustic Fingerstyle – Max Milligan

Superb guitarist and RGT examiner Max demonstrates and explains how to build technique in the styles of Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed.

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Rock Guitar Exams – Merv Young

Explanations and demonstrations of what’s involved in RGT’s Rock Guitar grade exams and how the expected performance levels change for each grade.


Classical Guitar Styles  –  Raymond Burley

World-renowned classical guitarist Raymond Burley will demonstrate a range of musical styles that can be played on the classical guitar, including contemporary pieces.


Rockabilly, Acoustic and Metal Guitars  – Damon Chivers

Professional guitar demonstrator Damon will play a range of Gretsch, Takamine and Jackson guitars to show the styles of music each of these are best suited to.


Beginner Level Acoustic Guitar Exams – David Millar

A demonstration and explanation by examiner David Millar of what’s required for the first few grades of the RGT acoustic guitar exams.


Electric Guitar Performance Diplomas – Merv Young

Helpful information and advice for anyone intending to take one of these Performance Diplomas and for those teaching students at this level.




Registration is now open for the 2013 RGT Guitar Tutors Conference, which will take place in London on September 8th. Registration is by advanced booking only, so make sure to visit the Registration Page and sign up today!

Do you have a question about the 2013 RGT Guitar Tutor Conference? Post your questions or comments below and we’ll be happy to help you out any way we can.

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