2013 RGT Conference Preview – Transferable Skills

As part of the 2013 RGT Conference, which takes place in London on September 8th, 2013, performers and educators Al Summers and Ray Bradfield will be presenting a seminar titled “Transferable Skills.”

Transferable Skills Seminar Synopsis

“Identifying your transferrable skills may help you learn and/or teach outside your usual instrumental range. Knowing your students’ transferrable skills – even those from outside of music – will help you teach them more efficiently.”

Al Summers and Ray Bradfield

Al Summers and Ray Bradfield

Transferable Skills Seminar Details

In the Transferable Skills Seminar, Al and Ray will be talking mainly about fretted instrument skills, briefly touching on others if/when relevant to guitar tutors and tutoring.

There will be three main ideas covered in this seminar:

1. How to use skills students already possess on other instruments to help them learn guitar.

2. How to use guitar-related skills and knowledge to help broaden their scope and learn new instruments, particularly those in the guitar family.

3. How we, the teachers, can use our understanding to fast-track our learning and teaching of other instruments.

Al and Ray will reference chords, notes, scales and modes, techniques, sounds and ear training, theory, tunings and composing skills, as well as apply much of the information in this session to material teachers already know.

The main instruments covered in this seminar will be guitar, open and other alternative tunings and other types of guitar, including baroque and 12-string; mandolin; Dobro and other lap steel guitars; ukuleles; banjo; lute.

While the focus will be on the guitar for this seminar, Al and Ray may also touch on tenor, guitar, the fiddle family, harmonica, melodeon and perhaps keyboard and wind instruments, depending upon the interests of those present.

To learn more about Al and Ray, their performance and teaching, please visit Al and Ray’s Website for further details.

This seminar should not be missed, so make sure to sign up for the 2013 RGT Conference below, and stop by Al and Ray’s seminar during your time at the conference this fall.




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